Cybex cloud Z i-size - Baby Dinos

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Thanks to their top notch materials, our covers for Cybex Cloud Z i-Size ® not only extend the buggy's lifespan, but also ensure your little ones will feel as comfy as it gets. Our covers absorb humidity and have a thermoregulatory mechanism, that is, they don't generate static electricity, they're insulating and they endure high temperatures.

General features:

  • An organic cotton fabric that guarantees your baby's comfort thanks to the softening process our covers go through. This way, the feel against the baby's skin will be pleasant and you’ll prevent the little ones from sweating.
  • Vegan product: It doesn't contain ingredients or products derived from animal sources. 
  • OEKO TEX ® certified fabric.


  • 96% cotton.
  • 4% elastane.